It's definitely short sleeve weather now.

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Dear internetMy first blog post

I took the bus to work today because of a map I printed that I would crush if I took it home on my bike.

I thought I had Open Office on my netbook so that I could work a little on something I'm making for Lauren. I guess I'll have to work on it at home only.

Yesterday I went to sams club for my tortillas. They had them in stock so I took every one that was laying flat. Did 31.xx miles for the day and my bike computer quit on me! I'll see what they have at Two Wheel Drive Tuesday when I drop off my bike for a seasonal tune up.

And that's what 10 twenty packs of tortillas looks like

I plan on changing out the group set at the end of December. The repair manual I got is really detailed and I feel I should be able to switch everything out without much trouble. I've decided to get a Shimano 105 group set. A nice step up from what I'm riding with now.

So I thought my bike computer fritzed out on me. What really happened was the cable got torn asunder. Well I guess winding it around my head tube was not the thing to do (I got it from pictures on the package.) So I cut out a lot of the length and just stripped the wires and twisted them together. A little electrical tape and voila! Good as new!

At 9:30 I rode to the ATM for cash then from there straight to the Balloon Fiesta park for the Albq. Folk Festival. It was alright, I'd had more fun if I brought my guitar. And less sun too. Eh, next year

I got a text from the host of the jam (Nick). I went there yesterday to get the water bottle I forgot and waited twenty minutes in the rain for nothing. Anyways he texted me apologizing for yesterday and that he has my water bottle with him and he'd drop it off. I replied that I was on my way to the festival already. I'll pick it up next jam. Since I'm taking the week off can happen most anytime!

I got to hang out with Devon and David and their brood all afternoon and evening until about 20:45. We had dinner at El Pintos, a place I couldn't remember the name of last time they were here.

Wow, I'm almost done the The Last Dark (last book of the last chronicles of Thomas Covenant!) Just a few more pages. So I might go to Don's Books today.

I got two cake pans at smiths. Going to try and make a cake from scratch! You know which flavour it's going to be if you know me.

Well I finished my book at 10:59 as I was walking back from the dry cleaners. After a little while I walked to Don's books only to find them closed today. I suppose I'll go there tomorrow right after I drop off my bike. Or perhaps before...

Then before I got home from that I realized that I didn't get all I wanted from smiths. So I'll walk down there again although I'll wait until after I've made hummus.

Well I didn't get out to smiths again yesterday but David stopped at a place called Total Wine. We both went in and man do they have a good price on the Evan Williams I usually get. Like $5 cheaper than smiths. It's also farther away from me than smiths but I think a little extra riding is a good thing.

David also gave me a bottle of Jefferson's bourbon. I will of course, report to him of it's flavour.

All I know is I'm having lunch with Devon's crew. After that all I really have planned is a visit to Don's books!

I took my bike to Two Wheel Drive and when they asked I told them that it seemed to be doing fine but I have a small wobble in the head tube. One of the repair guys came over and showed me how to fix it gratis! This next weekend or perhaps I'll wait a month. I need to replace my back tire but I think I can get some more mileage out of it. Anyways I'll go to TWD for the new tire.

Hoowee, I was with Devon and her crew until 21:30. Just shy of a half hour later I've made chocolate syrup and cleaned the pan I made it in. Now it's in the fridge so I am vouchsafed any more chores.

Well I've been pretty lazy the last few days. Not to mention that eating out at restaurants with my sister put me over my daily calorie intake.

So tomorrow I plan to get up at my usual weekday time and go for to ride. I'm going to start it at UNM where the bike trail starts. Then head east on the Nordeste trail up to Pennsylvania. Then I'm going to turn around and ride back until I get to the Embudo trail and head home from there.

I've been reading the bike repair book I have and the section on body measurements. It seems my bike is just about the right size for me. But then why when I sit as I'm supposed to do I feel I'm too far back? After some thought I decided to find a handlebar stem that is 70mm (mine is 90mm). Only problem I see is that I can't find one that has a 42mm clamp. They all have 31.8mm clamps. So it looks like I'll need new stem and new handlebars.

Looking on cyclist sites I'm not seeing any in my size and spending range. However I did find a good one on ebay. I'm watching a Ritchey Comp 4 axis stem for $39.95 and a 3T Ergosum handlebar for $73.47. Both are good brands. And here I thought all I would only have to replace was the stem! The good news is if I want a shorter stem then that's all I'll have to get after this.

Well I did what I had planned. Got up at my early going to work time and was on my way at 4:50. Ended up to be a 16.xx mile ride.

I tested the new habañero hot sauce it's got some bite. Unlike that bottle I got at Sprouts, which is tasty but has no heat at all.

Well my new hot sauce is a little spicy. Not as much as I expected of something made of habe
ñaros to be. In other news the sd card in my phone is no longer good. It's reporting a size of 326mb instead of 32gb.

I was up a bit late last night so this morning I wasn't inclined to go cycling. Maybe tomorrow.

There's a dotted line around my blog's table and I can't figure out how to get rid of it!

Buddy is being a pest tonight.

I almost went for a ride at 5am. But a flat tire made me halt that idea and deal with it. After applying a patch and having my bagel for breakfast I started out at 6am. Did 20 odd miles with a short jaunt west of UNM. There are some roads that have great inclines. I pushed up a couple of them and then headed home.

My smaller water bottle is smelling funny. I think it needs replacing.

Well what do you know?! Buddy has been hanging out with me this whole afternoon/evening. Does this herald a change in his behaviour?

Here it is freshly iced. Kind of runny though.


After a night in the fridge the frosting set real nice.

I guess I should have done the frosting earlier. But it worked out after all.

Sorry for the blurry photo, I was just so excited!

And so ended my baking a cake from scratch. Totally chocolate and kind of heavy too. I tried to find cake flour but both Smiths and Sprouts had nothing. Luckily you can fake it by adding two tbsp of corn starch to 1 cup of all purpose flour. Which I had on hand so that's the way I went.

Now all I have to do is make a hummus wrap, toast a bagel, and fix a flat tire.

This morning I was ready to go. Had my trailer all assembled and knew what I had to stuff in my backpack. I carried it all down the stairs and connected the trailer to my bike. Then I loaded the box of pictures I got from Devon, my backpack went on top. And I left my work shoes just sitting there. Realized it when I was too far away to go back.

I hope they're still there. I'm bringing some empty boxes home so I'll take my 9 something route home. Tomorrow since I won't have my trailer, and I expect my small backpack, I'll take the Pennsylvania route. I might even go up to Wyoming just to add a little extra mileage.

So I reset my Odometer yesterday. Thinking that I started cycling to my job when I got back from Denver last year. I'll reset it again after the late December and New Years break and then track it yearly in sync with the calendar.

Well it was good news yesterday as when I got home my shoes were where I had left them. It's nice to think one has decent neighbours.

The tire I had to patch yesterday on my way home has a slow leak. Maybe I didn't get the patch squarely on the leak? Eh, I think I'll just pump it up and do my 10 mile route.

I thought about it and pulled out my spare inner tube and just replaced it. Now my back tire has a slow leak, slower than the front was anyways.

Well that slow leak on my back tire sped up and I rolled into work with like, 20lbs of pressure in it yesterday. After I got dressed for work I patched it and pumped it up only to have it go flat before I left work. So I took the bus home and brought my back wheel with me. I changed out the inner tube for my last new one and found a little piece of a thorn in the tire. So since I found what made it go flat I'll patch it yet again.

I figure if I can make my trip home today 20 miles. Or double what I usually do. I'll really deserve a piece of cake if I can do the 20.

Well I only did 17 miles yesterday. On my way back down from the Heights when I got to California St. I remembered I had to do a load of laundry. So I just turned onto California and wended my way home.

Today I have nothing I need to do when I get home so I'll try to do the ride I expected to do yesterday.

Well after all that hype about my long ride home I still didn't even break 100 miles!

I was supposed to go riding this morning but I lazed in bed instead.

Today I went and saw Wonder Woman in the theatre. It was pretty good but... Steve Trevor isn't supposed to die! And they've elevated WW to godhood!! Still it was an enjoyable movie. I'll get it on dvd when it's released.

Well I had planned to ride this morning but the wind was really moving and I didn't want to deal with it. But I did walk home from the movie yesterday so I haven't been completely lazy.

According to my records I cycled 4232.4 miles since last June, when I started cycling to work. Now I have to see if I my walking distance from then.

Whew, what a hot and draining ride home! I rode home and turned onto the Nordeste trail. I rode that to San Pedro then turned around and went back to the North Diversion Channel trail (NDC) and then I just followed my morning trail back home. 23.64 miles versus the 22.xx miles I did last week by going to almost Juan Tabo.

Way out of my way was that ride (Juan Tabo) and today I got home only 10 minutes later than usual instead of after 18:00. I think I'll try to do that ride this whole week.

And I was so zonked from my ride I didn't plug in my music player to charge it until after 19:30! My phone ran out of juice! 0%!! They'll both probably charge overnight.

So I reviewed the source for this web page and found what was causing the dotted lines. I have no idea how I put them in.

Yesterday I just rode my way home the way I come in but I detoured to house of bread. Tuesday I did my 9.x mile route but then continued to the Post office to pick up a package.

So I did 22 miles on Tuesday and IDK how far yesterday. This morning I just felt worn out coming into work. I have to stop by Tully's on my way home and if I feel better this afternoon I'll do my 13x mile route.

Ok, my trip odometer reads 91.21. That's a 14.55 mile trip home after work and eleven miles over my old homeward route. I definitely felt better this afternoon than this morning bike wise. I went up to California and then turned around to go back to the NDC. Detoured a little to go to Tully's.

I need to go to Nick's (the jam man) and pick up the water bottle I left there. I have no idea if jams are happening and I'm not invited or what. I don't need to know either. I'll text him in a bit and see when I can get it.

Alright, I went from my workplace to Nick's and he was there even though I was twenty minutes earlier than I had told him. But that's what I get for doing 22-24mph on the NDC.

I rode the NDC all the way to UNM and thus to his house. Back home I had turned my ten mile ride into a 15 mile ride. Just the way I like it.

I'll be going to work tomorrow. There's a scanning project our customers have had us doing today and one of them missed some data that he needs us to scan before Monday. So I let it be known early that I would have no issue coming in tomorrow. I'll leave at 5:15 and get there probably at 6:00. That'll give me time to cool off from my ride and get dressed in jeans/t-shirt.

The overtime I did yesterday was only one hour. But going in a going home did qualify as my weekend ride. 135.70 miles for the week.

Man the old /movies disk that started to fail (so I copied all the stuff on it to /movies1) is giving me some booting blues. My system wants me to log in as root and fix it but it's a hardware problem not a configuration problem. Logging in won't let me fix anything so my other option is to press contol + D to continue but it doesn't get past that effing disk. I should take that damn disk out already. Effing systemD! hings worked better before Debian went with it. I may have to install Slackware Linux on my current computer soon.

Anyways, tomorrow I need to stop at Tully's and get another pork roll. The rest of the week I can do my extended ride home. I'll see if I can top 135 miles. Wait... Tully's is open until 17:30! I can do my extended ride all week!

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