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Dear internetMy first blog post

Yesterday was a bit windy going home but mainly from the west. This morning it was from the north and more than a little breeze. Darn wind.

I think I'll wait until tomorrow to try again with the laptop. Tonight I have to make a hummus wrap for tomorrow but last night I made two burritos (one for today and the other for Thursday.) So all I have to do tomorrow is my coffee and breakfast.

It was just warm enough to lunch in the park yesterday, should be warmer today.

Yesterday on my ride homeward as I neared Osuna there was a whole mess of emergency personnel carrying an extremely inebriated man. Or rather that was my guess from the what I saw of the guy.

(I have a head wind most days. In the morning the wind is typically gentle and doesn't impede me so much. This morning it was a terrific wind out of the north that blew strong enough to slow me down. It took me 50 minutes to get to work when I consider 40 to be a rahter slow ride.

And it wasn't much help at all going home!

I ended up not messing with the laptop last night. All I did was to refill my water bottles, clean the french press and my mug, toast a bagel for breakfast.

And this morning I forgot to bring the bagel! But at least the wind was back to business as usual. 37 minute run.

The light's battery for my bike is not holding as much a charge as it did. I'm getting one morning on one charge when I used to be able to go two days with the light on high. It's die somewhere on my ride in on the third day.

I went to Sprouts and got what I needed to make my hummus wraps. Which is good because I may have to have a hummus wrap nearly every day since my checking account is down to $1.21.

I have two potatoes. One of them is rather small so I'll use it for breakfast tomorrow. The other might make it into two burritos.

So earlier today I started back on my laptop and the Linux install. I got the hard drive partitioned and my encrypted volume.... encrypting. That was going to take a while so I left it to it's thing and sat down to cruise the web for a while. By the time I went to check on it it had seemingly lost power. In fact it seems to not have any power and so that project is on hiatus. At least until I can determine what's wrong with it.

I removed the battery to the laptop last night. Still no change this morning. Ok, I figured it out. It seems the powerbrick wasn't getting a good connection to the wall plug. So last night it was running on it's battery (of which I don't know its level of charge.)

So once again I've started the install and am waiting for it to finish encrypting the second partition. Grrr, when it was done and I tried to continue it said "where's the root dir?" Grrrrr. So I redid the partition scheme and have the whole root directory unecrypted and a separate partition for the home dir which will be encrypted.

I switched my phone service back to the Samsung phone. The LG I got only lasted a day per charge much like the Samsung so I figured if that's the way it goes I'd rather use the Samsung.

Well darnit, the installer started to complain that every file on the cd was corrupt. I burned another copy at 8x (the slowest I could go) and it still couldn't recover. So slag it for today.

All I have to do tonight is make a hummus wrap. So I think other than setting out my clothes I can take it easy for the rest of the evening.

It was 63F when I left this morning so I expect it to be in the 70s during my lunch. Hmm, I tried to pull a photo off of my phone but my netbook really didn't like it.

So now I'm thinking of looking for a new wireless card for the Compaq as I did for the netbook. But first I'll remove its current card. Hopefully I can find a Linux friendly replacement.

Hoooweee was the wind a' blowing. It was coming out of the SW and was a bothersome beast. But I managed to push through it and got home at 16:54 and it wasn't until I got inside the complex that it passed the 30 second mark. By the time I changed clothes I was tired!

My computer was locked up! A script in the email client was to blame but it had the UI locked up tight since 9:55:29. I ended up taking a small nap and at 18:00 I rebooted the durn thing. First thing I did was to disable the floppy. Then on rebooting from that bios change it told me its battery was low.

I trimmed a couple of screw bolts on my bike down then electrical taped some wires. Looks a bit better now.

As I was getting ready to go this morning I could hear the wind just blowing hard and swirling around. Luckily it was mainly coming out of the east. Around Montgomery it started coming from the north. Made it to Osuna at 5:05 and Paseo at 5:10, Alameda at 5:13. So I got a pretty good run this morning, 33 minutes.

So I don't have pedometer records for a few days of last month. Oops.

Man was the wind a bother coming home. Straight out of the south and gusty. Kept me going slow but at least I kept it above 10mph.

Guh, I woke up 20 minutes late. Or rather I woke up when I should have left already! Got to work at 5:45 so not too late.

I don't know why but last week seemed a long week for me.

Today I removed the wireless card from the laptop and found one on ebay that I think will work. Also I found out that 2gb of ram is all this laptop will take.

One thing that keeps me from finishing the mp3 project is I keep thinking of music I don't have. Like CSN, why don't I have any CSN in my collection?! Well I do have one or two LPs but that don't get music on my FiiO. So anyways, I have several of their albums on cd coming to me, thanks eBay!

Yesterday I was on youtube listening to We Are Scientists. I checked out several tracks in their first album. Their lineup then was different then and I found my interest in the songs lacking. I like the music of the current lineup better. So I also have a cd of them on the way.

It appears that Albuquerque Folk Festival is only for one day (Saturday) but they allow free camping starting Friday afternoon and everyone gots to leave by 14:00 Sunday.

So from now until next June I'm looking on CL for a used, but in good shape, tent. Of course REI has one for $99.95 so if I can't find a used one that is acceptable I can always grab their Camp Dome 2 and then plan on taking the Friday before off so I can go and camp out. Take my guitar then too as there are sure to be jams ahappening!

For some reason my phone isn't notifying my of texts. Where's my R2D2 sound?! I think the app for my fitness band is affecting it. I suppose I can test that when my new band (yes, another) comes in (arriving May 24 - June 6).

Well it's raining on and off and the temperature has dropped to 49F. Brrrr, colder than this morning.

Today after work I'm going over a guy's house to jam with him and a couple others. I'll take my mandolin and 12 string.

I went onto google maps to plan my route and that's when I discovered that Lead ave has a bike lane! But not through the interstate intersection. In fact there's no good way to cycle past the interstate.

So I've planned to cross it on Martin Luther dr and then turn onto Elm which will get me over to Lead. I'll just reverse it on my trip home. If it's not much of a hassle then I have my route. But it's time that is going to be a little short for me. The shindig starts at 17:30 so I have at most 20 minutes to change clothes and gear up leaving me 20 minutes to get there. Sure hope I don't have a bad head wind!

Anyways I'll take the "short" route home especially since I'll get extra mileage today.

It's looking like I'm lunching indoors today. :( I certainly hope it warms up!

The jam yesterday was alright. It was a bassist, our host, and myself to begin. Then another player joined us. Then the bassist had to leave. I left at 19:30 which left enough time for me to get home before night fell.

Turns out there are bike lanes on Lead and Coal. Martin Luther as well. I guess google needs to update their maps! Next week I'm just going to get over to Silver and then get on Lead.

So I had ordered two lights for my packs from Amazon (and some other stuff) which came in today. The lights I had were very difficult to open and took CR2032 batteries. The lights I just got are easily opened and take AAA batteries. I'll see how I like them and if they work well I'll get some more for my other packs.

Earlier today I sent a message to the seller of my bike's light. The battery should last me at least two hours on its high setting. I'm getting forty minutes now. The battery has a 1 year warranty so I'll see if the seller honours it. If not I've found a replacement that matches the needed spec.

On my way home I stopped at Music Go Round and picked up a ticket to the Albuquerque Folk Festival. Now all I have to do is to actually go!

I took the bus up to Eubank and went to Target. I found a plastic bin thingy to use on my trailor.

There it is. A couple of long flat bungie cords to hold it down

Oh, I guess I never did post a pic of my trailor's new rails! Next weekend I'll take it to sams club and get a whole mess of tortillas.

I also slept in very late and so missed starting to record KUNM today.

Since I didn't go shopping yesterday I went to Sprouts just before 8 this morning. Now I have oranges to the week and tomatoes. Last Thursday I forgot I was out of tomatoes and so my hummus wrap on Friday had none. It wasn't too bad for the lack but I like to have them in it.

I made a burrito for lunch and put some tomato in it. Interesting but not something I'll do often. Dragged the taste towards salad too much for a burrito.

A macro shot of the oil floating on my coffee.

Man do I like my coffee, dark roast Sumatra!

Na, that doesn't look sketchy at all!

It seems that I forgot to put a current anchor once again. So I put one where it's needed and will upload this page when I get home.

On my ride to work this morning I was paced by a bunny for a little while. That little guy was booking too! Then at the Balloon Fiesta park I saw a coyote.

Today is turning out nice and warm. So I can enjoy my lunch in the park. Last week we had a cooling trend that kept me inside at lunch. Boooo!

I can't remember where I read that the laptop only supports 2 gb of ram. Cnet says it supports 8gb. It does have only two ram slots. When I get home today I'll look up what ram costs for it. Might as well since the new wifi card for it is on the slow boat from China!

Yesterday I also got a USPS notice of a registered letter for me to pick up today. But I forgot to bring my bike lock. So right after I get home I'll grab my small pack (20 liters), my bike lock, and a book and go to the post office.

Yesterday on my way home I stopped at Tully's for a pork roll and a package of the sausage they make there. But the sausage was frozen! So I plopped it in the sink with some cold water to defrost it. Made up 6 spaghetti lunches.

I have the whole series of Kung Fu. Remember that old show? Well they filmed it in 16x9 aspect (706x472) and that's what the dvds had! How's that for 1971!

Well the letter was in fact the replacement bands for the fitness watch. Came all the way from the Amazon seller's factory in China. Took long enough too! But the seller did go a long way to make this right.

Tonight I expected the jam to happen but just to make certain I texted the guy and it's been rescheduled for Saturday. Good deal as I want to stop by House of Bread and Sprouts today.

Then tomorrow I have a couple pairs of slacks to pick up and also a tent to check out.

Well the visit to check out the tent was a bust. The wind was against me and blowing hard and I had a flat on the way home. Which made my trip homeward much longer than I expected it to be. And they live at Madeira and Anderson. Much further south than the map on their ad had them located. In a run down, bad neighbourhood to boot. Plus the seller did say on their ad that it needed some seams sealed.

So then I thought to go get my dry cleaning but the gate to the field I had to cut through was locked. I didn't have enough time to go around so I'll try to pick them up tomorrow.

My morning ride was nearly perfect. Almost no wind at all and it was coming from the south. Cruising along at 20mph for most of my trip.

So I've been thinking and I think I would prefer to have a new tent.

I also had the idea of bolting the plastic bin to my trailer. That way no one could walk away with it when I have it locked up with my bike. I'll do a quick measurement and hit the hardware store this weekend.

The jam I went to on the 17th was held today at 14:30. I got there at 14:25 and unloaded my trailer and turned my bike around. In just a couple minutes the host showed up. I played my mandolin the whole time.

Then the ride back home was a heck of a work out. Most of the way is uphill. My back tire got a slow leak.

Oh, a guy I met at my job (who since has been uh, released from employment) is coming over tomorrow. We're going to go for a bike ride, then maybe Cesar's. If he feels up to it after that then we'll play some guitar music.

Well I think I slept poorly but I feel pretty good so I must have gotten some good sleep. Buddy was being a little shit making a lot of noise and meowing at me. Dammit cat! I gotta sleep!

Well it was a mellow ride we did. I took him on the first half and last half of my usual weekday ride. He was tired when we finished. I told him if he does this weekly with me we'll have him back in shape in no time.

I got up at my regular weekday time this morning and then went for a ride. I followed the same path I went on the deay before but this time I took the Nordeste all the way to Pennsyvania. Then I rode Penn. to Marble and Marble down to Quincy and home. It was an 11 and some change miles.

Then a little later after I had gone to the stores I rode with my trailer to sams club. They were out of the tortillas I get so all I got was exercise. My day ended at 22.65 miles. Not too shabby.

Then I rested a bit from that ride and then had a hummus wrap.

Only four more days until the Folk Festival! Whew have I drank a lot of water today. Over 60 ounces!

Yesterday I rode the Nordeste trail all the way to Pennsylvania and did the same route like I did on Monday. My distance from work was 13.xx miles making my daily total 22.xx miles.

Maybe if I go through the Winrock mall parking lot to the New Futures high school. Would that be a little longer? I'll have to investigate.

So the weather is a tad iffy so I texted the host of the jam and let him know for that reason I'm skipping today.

So although I took my short way home initially thinking I'd get some extra mileage I'll go the Penn. route tomorrow. I figure I'll take the bus on Friday so I can bring home my new bike route map. Then on Saturday I'm going to the Folk Festival and that should make up my Friday miles.

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