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Dear internetMy first blog post

Today is the birthday of a friend of mine. I texted her yesterday wishing her a happy birthday eve.

Let me tell you about the System. When you have an inner tube you're not going to patch anymore it pays to keep it around. What the System is is a process where you use an old inner tube to line your tire. In effect making it a poor mans puncture resistant quality to regular inner tubes. I needed to get a new tire for my back wheel. I was tired of getting flats and decided to get a more puncture resistant tire. Of course I do the System on my own way. But first the two tires for comparison.

My old tire sure looks worn out but it's good enough to go on the front wheel

So firstly you want to remove any patches still on the inner tube.

Once all the patches are removed cut the stem off.

I usually just chop the tire on either side of it. Then with a pair of scissors split the tire. The tire I chose had some slime in it so I split it over the sink. Once you have it split then it's time to wash it. Get all that slime and talc gone. Just water works well for this.

Just throw it anywhere to dry.

After it's dried it's time to trim in down a bit.

It only needs to be as wide as the tread

Now grab some rubber glue and start gluing it to the inside of the tire. About 5 or 6 inches at a time. Spread the glue rather thin so it doesn't take long to get the tire to stick. I can get in done in about 30ish minutes. Also you want to glue the inside of the inner tube. If you chop the tube like I did you'll need a small piece to complete the lining. After you're done with this step leave the tire and inner tube to get to know each other for a while.

Time to throw some talc in the tire

Now even though this is supposed to help keep us from getting flats it's not 100%. We're going to get a flat sometime. I've found it exceedingly troublesome to remove an inner tube once I've performed the System. A little talc makes removing the inner tube easier.

Today I'm making that quinoa and black been soup stew. Only this time I'm making chicken broth for it. Of course I'll toss in the chicken as well so I'm not going vegetarian this time.

I realized that the usb cable for my camera will also work for the neuros. Man, copying music to it is so slow!

It's nice to know I'm good enough to be furniture

My ride in today with the new back tire was fine-n-dandy. Stuck real close to 17mph all the way too.

My coworker Marissa, has become my ex-coworker this morning as she starts her new job. This leaves me to do the work of three people. Ah, the good ol days when I only had to do the work of two!

So this weekend I discovered that I probably can't play Diablo2 online. It requires (usually) a version that only has updaters for Windows.

On my ride home I took the new path up past San Pedro and got off the trail where I had discussed earlier on my blog. 21.12 miles. Disappointing really, I thought it'd be longer. Tomorrow I'll go up to San Pedro then back down to the NDC trail and back home. That should get me about 25 miles.

Well gee, I only forgot two things today. Luckily neither of them was a deal breaker.

Well the word is slowly getting around that my coworker has left us. Most people ask me about her as they don't see her down here anymore.

There was a good head wind on my trip homeward so I decided I didn't need to detour to San Pedro and back to the NDC trail. It was enough effort just to push against that wind.

Whooo weeeee! Man was today a busy one for me. I got involved in a three hour conference call about a workcentre pro 245 that was requiring a password to do scan to email. From what I could tell it shouldn't. And tomorrow I have to jump back into that mess.

Then my ride home was a contention with the wind. It came out of the SW/W and was blowing real hard. Just when I got up to 14 or 15 mph it'd blow against me until I was doing 12mph. Added five minutes to my travel time. This year I'm going to cycle as much as possible including all the windy days I'd rather not!

We got some overnight snow. I decided to take the bus today and felt validated when I saw how icy San Mateo was. The bus dropped me off about 10ish minutes late but safely. Of course the icy roads and snow were gone by the time I left work.

I'm watching a DS9 episode and it's blurring on camera angle changes. I might have to re-rip this one.

My coworker, Gary, is coming back part time on Monday. He thinks he'll go back to full time the week after. He called me before lunch today and we chatted about the account. I think he'll be pleased in how I've kept up with his job. I need to tell him that if he gets access to something I should also get access. Since I'm his back up it only makes sense.

Not much going on today. Just compiling my shopping list and hanging out.

For dinner tonight it's pizza from pizza 9. Eh, not the best but just about the only place I can order from these days. The guy at Amadeos told me they were moving the Lomas store to Gibson. He lied, they opened a new location on Osuna. Osuna=Gibson!

Well today is the day I upload a new redirecting page as well as the updated blog page. Crossing my fingers nothing goes wrong.

Buddy needed his water reservoir
thingy refilled this morning.

Well since I didn't go to Sprouts yesterday I'll stop by there tomorrow. I also plan to stop by Tully's on my way home so I'll be taking my usual route home and not detouring onto the Paseo del Nordeste trail since Tully's closes at 17:00. They have pitted green olives for sale. I doubt they're more expensive than what had I found at Smiths.

I just checked another site I had bookmarked for computer ram and for my Mac it'll cost what?! $48, even cheaper than that other site I have. Ordering it now and going with free shipping. Which is good, I can wait until it gets here, nothing much should change in the meantime.

I guess my plans have changed for today. My bike's computer battery died this morning so I guess I'll head straight home as I know the mileage. But tomorrow I'm bringing spaghetti for lunch so I can get the olives tomorrow when I bring my big pack.

I had issues with my new password today only to learn when I called IT that I'm supposed to change it on a web site. Then it'll get propagated to all network services to which I have access. I emailed that link to my coworker. Who despite being here a half day and had no computer access was no help at all.

Well I did just a touch more mileage than a straight run home so I set my bike comp trip meter to 20 miles. It's 19.78 on a straight run. I had stopped to get pictures of the underpass they're building at Singer. Whew it's got long slopping ramps on either side. While I was taking pics another rider rode past me. Said "I feel like they're making it just for me!" as he passed. I think we all feel like that.

Well I think I need a new bike comp. Last night I changed the battery in it. I measured the old battery and it was at 2.5volts (it's a 3volt battery). Then this morning as I set out I turned on the bike comp's light and it barely shone. WTF? brand new battery!! I also changed out the battery in my light and it was flickering this morning. I guess it just wasn't made to go on a bike.

After I got to work I discovered that my coffee's lid had opened and soaked the socks I wear in the afternoon on my way home. I'm lucky in that's all it soaked too. My coffee mug does have a retaining clip to keep the top closed. I will certainly remember it tomorrow.

I stopped by Tully's on my way home yesterday. It was windy as hell. Anyways I guessed if I turned down Summer Ave. it would lead me just north of Tully's parking lot and I was right. I got a quart of pitted green olives. Next time I go to Smiths I'll work out what a quart of olives there would run me.

It was a windy bitch in my ride home. It mainly came out of the West with flurries sweeping out of the SW. I stopped at the Carlisle underpass and took pics of the stuff the bums have secreted there.

Man I just couldn't get up to much speed on my way into work. Then on my way home there was, you guessed! Another head wind. Although it wasn't as bad as yesterday.

Our manager was supposed to visit us today and treat us to lunch. I had made a hummus wrap last night and didn't remember his visit until this morning. I brought in my wrap anyways and good thing too, he didn't show. Then after lunch he called me to say his plans had changed! LOL, really?!

My ride home was pretty good. There was barely any wind so I took the Nordeste trail up to Pennsylvania then rode Penn. to Marble then rode Marble down to Quincy. Not sure how far that is though (stupid bike comp!) got home at 17:02 so it was a 55 minute run. Plus I managed to keep a 20mph speed on Pennsylvania! Man, I almost felt young again!

Buddy starts up meowing if I don't crawl out of bed soon enough. And why?

I guess it's my turn to watch him sleep (again)!

Well this morning I only had to holler "hush!" twice for Buddy to let me sleep in.

I've got laundry to do and I haven't done it yet (13:30). But I have already made meat candy (bacon) and done a load of dishes. Ok, got everything washed and now my cycling stuff is drying on the rack in the kitchen.

I think it's kind of funny how I prefer to wear natural fabrics but all my cycling stuff is synthetic. Well a small lesson for me today. If I want to be certain that my cycling clothes will be dry I should wash them on Saturday. At least in the Winter. I bet they'd dry up nicely in Summer!

Eewww, my cycling stuff wasn't fully dry this morning. Oh well, at least my rear fender came in Saturday and today kept my bum nice and dry.

Easily attached or detached. Man I need to clean my bike!

The Gortex pants I have will keep rain off me but not the amount of water my back wheel will throw onto my bum. Plus I don't have to keep it on my bike full time! It cost me about $20 versus $249+ for a pair of Gortex that would keep me dry no matter what.

My new bike light and comp came in today and the computer has no backlight. Which means it's useless to me in the morning. I guess I'm still searching for one that will last beyond six months and has a freakin' backlight! I went onto Cateye's site and sent them a question about it though.

Wow, the light is very bright but it's handlebar mount is subpar. The new computer's battery crapped out right as I rode up to the turnstiles. But maybe a fresh battery will make a back light show.

When I got home I prepared to change the battery in the bike comp. But it didn't need one! Hmmm, so I put it back in and set it up again. Cateye replied to my question and confirmed that it has no back light and they gave me a link to models that do have one. They're all wireless models and they require two batteries. Well I have another bike comp coming that has a back light.

Geese are some noisy ass birds. They were flying all around the Balloon Fiesta grounds and then settled on the museum's lawn/grounds.

I reached over the fence to take this pic

DUH Na na na, na na. DUH Na na na, na na *Slow rides*

I spent my time until 19:30 making hummus last night. Then I made a hummus wrap for lunch today.

I could have gotten a better pic of the geese but eh, birds.

My phone has been operating kind of funny since I used the charger for my work phone on it. This morning I ordered a new phone. Same size as my current so it should fit the case I have. It's also  triple minute phone so all my stuff should transfer to it.

Oh man, I banged my right leg just above my knee on the table while I was getting ready to leave work. It felt good enough for my ride home I just had to take it easy. It rained when I was about a quarter of the way home. Now a little more than an hour since I got home and it's stiffened up. I might have to give up squatting this weekend!

Hurting my leg reminded me of when I was in my early 20s and a big cyclist. I had these monster sized thighs from all the cycling I did and my legs were strong enough then for me to hurt my knees just by applying too much power before I was warmed up enough for it. The only difference is this time I bashed my leg on the outer side, when I was younger I would hurt them on the inner side.

Oi! I'm having an issue with another episode of DS9. I'll clean the disk it's on and encode it again.

A couple months ago I got another Apple keyboard off of ebay like the one I already have. I like them and they look so slick. But the one I got was dirtier than my own! So today I took it apart and washed the keys and carefully cleaned what else I could. I think it's going to look great now and I will clean mine soon.

This morning I got up and hit Sprouts just minutes after they opened. That's the only time to go there on Sundays. Plus I remembered to get stuff that wasn't even on my list (but should have been.)

Other than making a hummus wrap and some burritos I don't need to do anything else today.

I walked to Smiths for bagels and whisky and forgot my wallet. So I marched back to my apartment then back to Smiths in 30 minutes. When I got back the cashier still had my stuff minus the bacon. So I went and got bacon and whoppers and then checked out. Couldn't help but to keep marching on my way home.

My bike computer that I have now wildly exaggerated my speed and mileage. So I measured my wheel's circumference and input that number. Which is lower than the number I got from its manual. Now it's under measuring my speed. Probably my mileage as well. And boy is it windy!

My new sweater came in!! It was supposed to be here yesterday and when I checked the usps site it said tomorrow.

It's 100% merino wool in an Irish style knit

It's nice and heavy too and buttons up higher than my last sweater. There's a rumour of snow happening so I'll be certain the check out the environs right after I get up tomorrow. It's either take the bus or cycle as usual. Either way I'll be nice and warm at work!

All these people rolling in here late telling me how windy and cold it is. Why do people who drive cars think it's colder than what I cycle through?

I've been bringing in some of my cds to scan the cover so my music files will show the pretty graphics.

A while ago I had decided to get a new bike come Summer. Now I'm thinking I don't need a new bike but perhaps a new groupset... I've almost talked myself into the Shimano Ultegra 6800 groupset. Pricey but so much better than my current groupset (Claris).

It was 35F when I left work and it's 38F at my apartment. It's going to be a cold one tomorrow!

Well yesterday was cold but today was colder and I had a headwind knocking against me this morning. I usually see one or two other cyclists, this morning I saw no-one at all.

I forgot that I had cereal yesterday and had cereal today. Not a big deal but I'm getting closer to the amount of milk I need to bring for 1 cup of cereal.

A customer gave me avocado. Turns out she was having one for a snack every day this week and just didn't want one today. I'll take it home and make a wrap with it.

My new netbook should arrive today. It's sold as a Chromebook but I'm going to put Debian on it, of course. Oh darnit, UPS wanted someone here to be able to leave it. I logged onto their site and chose the UPS store near me to have it delivered. I'll get it Monday

I'm copying the mp3s I made on my Mac because I got another off ebay to set up. It's a 500 mHz model that except that is identical to mine. Although I have yet to boot it up I think it shouldn't have any issues. Kind of funny to me but the seller posted it had no OS-X installed. Imma gonna put OS 9.1 on it!

I've decided to go ahead and start the project of making rails for my trailer. I'll use some pvc pipes and paint them. So after Folk Routes I'll get dressed and go to the hardware store. But first I'll make a hummus wrap.

It's going to take a while until I complete the rails for my trailer. Oh well, I guess the box at ups isn't too big.

Well thanks to the craigslist bicycle forum I now know that I need a new chain on my bike. That is something that I've never thought about.

Whew! I fortunately did have enough coffee for tomorrow. I was not relishing the idea of going to Sprouts this late!

Right after I get home tomorrow I'll go to the ups store and get my package. It's my new netbook and phone.
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