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Dear internetMy first blog post

The last two mornings have been cold. 28F yesterday and 30 today.

I discovered a flat tire that had lost air during the night. Seems I had picked up a goathead riding home. A moments thought told me I didn't have a dollar for the bus so it'sa patching time! Good time for me to put some talc in the tire which I didn't want to do if it wasn't needing a patch or swap. Still need to do it to my front tire. I ended up leaving late (not my tire's fault entirely) but I have enough buffer in my morning to not completely cause me a crunch in routine.

My quinoa brownies were a hit! I think I'll make them again this weekend. It's nice to have a small treat after lunch.

I find myself checking my tires often this evening. The ride homeward was ok. I kept to 15mph and begrudged myself for not being able to go faster. I'm gonna blame the cold.

Same deal with my ride this morning. 15mph and I could barely make myself go faster. Eh I've already gone 88 miles, only 10 more and I can rest for more than 10 hours.

Jeeze, the winds were something else on my way home. There's a gusting push from the east with big gusts coming out of the south. It was a slow ride indeed going home.

I'm planning a lazy day today. I'm going to make my green chile salsa for my burritos today. So I'll have to go to the store for garlic and an onion for that. I need veggies for my hummus wraps too.

And I once again left my netbook's charger at work!

Well darnit! I got a flat after the Paseo underpass. Probably I got it on the underpass but didn't notice the air loss until I was half way to the Alameda underpass. Then I broke my pump. At least I was able to charge my netbook when I got to work and then upload the new pages.

So now I'm going to have to borrow a dollar from someone and take my tire home to deal with it. I glued my pump back together but I don't think it'll hold. During lunch I checked on it and then used epoxy on it.

Yesterday I got Toast 5 loaded on my Mac and then started to wonder how I made mp3s back in the day? That was before itunes. I found one application that loads the song file off the cd then encodes it and it is slow. I found another later on that I'll try tonight. One thing I need to do is change the cddb server it's contacting. Anyways I've decided to put all my music on my Mac as mp3s. Oh, I needed Toast 5 to see the dvd writer I connected to it. Burns disks like a charm!

I was remembering the first time I seriously encoded my cds. I was running YellowDog Linux for PPC and in the Gnome DE there was a cd ripper/encoder called Grip. You could get it to load about 6 cds one after another while it encoded the first one and then each one subsequently.

My phone is dying. Or rather its battery is dying. During lunch it told me it was low (15%) so I plugged it in. After lunch it was at 11% and I just checked it now; 9%. I'll order a new battery on Friday so sometime next week my phone will be able to hold a charge. I mean, I could transfer some amount from my savings but I have food for the week and no need to transfer other than my battery. Which can wait.

I've decided to track my walking while at work. Since I can't keep my pedometer from registering steps when I'm cycling I decided to use my work phone (Galaxy S5). It has an app from Samsung that acts as a pedomoter and I can turn it off so it won't mistake my cycling for walking.

Last night I used the external dvd I hooked up to my Mac to rip cds and it went much faster. Still going to be a project though.

I got my phone to charge by using a wall plug that output 5volts at 1 watt. The one I used at work outputs 5 volts at 2 watts. I guess that was too much for my phone.

Oh, a drunk tried to engage me in conversation but I preferred to read my book. Pissed him off but since I'm not riding the bus by the time I ride it again he'll have forgetten about me.

I remembered to bring home my netbook's charger! But I cannot find my yellow lensed goggles. I wear them in the mornings to keep my eyes from watering. I didn't see them at work and I can't find them at home. ¿Dónde están?

Well I looked again at work and no goggles. I found a pair on Amazon for $8.73 so if I don't find them by Friday morning I'll order them.

I had forgotten that today our customer was treating everyone to a Thanksgiving type lunch. I was surprised they included us contractors but hey, a free lunch is hard to shake a stick at. I just hope my hummus wrap's tortilla doesn't get soggy. If I had remembered I would have brought the small jar of my black beans and quinoa soup I filled last night.

The ride homeward was alright. The wind was coming out of the North so I had an easy time of it until I turned east. Passed a guy on Cutler and then saw him ride past me at the apartments. Beat him by 5 minutes!

So I had been thinking that I left my flash drive at home. Last night I did an intense search for it and thought that, like my goggles, I had just plain lost it. Bummer. Then this morning when I was putting on my shoes I noticed it on the floor over against a partition.

It was a cold one this morning. I logged into ebay and saw that the insulated shoe covers were delivered yesterday!

So I've learned it takes 40 days for Buddy to go through 6lbs. of food. I think I'll order a pizza tomorrow. That'll give Buddy a whole day and a half to assuage his hunger and not bother me so much.

Kind of funny but Buddy was attentive and he didn't meow my freakin' head off when I first got home. But I dressed in my jeans and set off to Clarks for his food. When I got back home I immediately filled up his fancy pants food dispenser's holding compartment and then dumped way too much food into his bowl. I think he was in shock for a moment at the mound of food.

What a busy day. I went to Sprouts yesterday because Sundays are crazy there. Today I made more of my quinoa brownies and then cooked up the Italian sausages I got from Tully's (yesterday too). I went to Smiths and forgot to get more sour cream for my burritos. Eh, I'll cook up spaghetti tomorrow so it can wait.

I had planned to make a double batch of brownies but ran out of sugar and baking chocolate.

I didn't have room to bring the brownies to work because I had brought my sweater home to patch the left elbow and didn't get around to it. But I need it at work.

On my ride in this morning I had to stop twice to attend to my light. The first time I had to swap out the battery. Then later down the trail I stopped to tighten it up so it wouldn't fall part on me.

This evening I cooked up some spaghetti, enough to make four lunches. All I need to do is toast up some garlic bread and bagels. Oh, and get my coffee ready.

Oh cool! I got the new battery for my phone, it's charging up now from 60%. The original battery was a 1900mAh li-ion. The new battery is 2470mAh so it should be able to hold more power and my phone shouldn't need to charge up as much. Definitely not as often as of late.

Well this is a bummer. Last night my phone was at 100% charge. Right now it's at 52%. That is the kind of charge retention I got with my old battery! I'm thinking I need to get a new phone. I guess I'll see how long my phone holds out until I really need to replace it.

I'm supposed to do as load of laundry tonight but I have no quarters! Ehhhhh, that shirt's clean enough! #Bachelorlife

I received the insulated cycling tights yesterday and wore them this morning. It was 50F so not very cold and I was comfy. Also I got to work in 32 minutes. This afternoon the winds were really blowing out of the S/SW. Surprisingly I got home in 45 minutes. I should have the insulated jersey tomorrow and I'll throw both of them in the laundry.

In fact I'll throw all my cycling stuff in the wash. Well all of it except the shoe covers which work great. After this weekend it can get as cold as it wants and I'll be alright.

I've found a phone that is better than my current phone and just about the same size. It's a Samsung J1 and $99. But I'm in no hurry, my phone is doing ok I just have to charge it like, every other day.

Oh yeah, I found another Cayman island dollar bill. Hmm, not sure I blogged about the first one I found. Anyways they're worth about 82 cents each. They were in a book I got off of Abesbooks.

My jersey did arrive today and so now I got all my cycling stuff washed and sitting on a drying rack in the kitchen.

I've spent my day not doing a whole lot. Just watching a lot of ancient history and hidden history stuff on youtube.

I need tomatoes and avocados so early tomorrow I'll go to Sprouts.

Who wee, it's cold this morning! 20F at 7am and I'm hoping it's like this tomorrow. Give my cycling gear a good cold test.

Got out to Sprouts at 8 and they weren't very busy at all, but they will be. So if I discover something else I need I'll either do without or hope it's something I get at Smiths.

It was 20F this morning and I felt fine riding in. Couldn't seem to get up to a good speed but I got here just fine anyways.

I brought my pedometer to work to see if it and my work phone matched but it needs a new battery. I'll test it at home just to make sure.

Yesterday I made four burritos and then a hummus wrap for today. I brought the wrap, two burritos, and a jar of salsa (I made five jars worth the other weekend!) to work so I won't have to bring anything for lunch tomorrow or Thursday. It's a bummer I can't make a few hummus wraps all at once. But I do like not having a soggy tortilla.

My ride home was better, 16-18 mph most of the way. There was a headwind this morning but it's usually not a big deal that early. I'll see how my ride in tomorrow is, maybe if I do like 10 or 15 squats before I leave...

Only a little warmer this morning and my thoughts on the insulated cycling gear is spot on. With my gortex over it I feel warm as a bug cycling into work. When it's warmer, about 40F, I should be able to go without the gortex.

I snagged the last paper plate we had here. I need it for my burrito/salsa lunch today. I'll hit the dollar store and grab some more either today or tomorrow.

I think I'll stop by that bread store tomorrow on my way home.

My coworker: Gary, stashed a bunch of containers, cups, and stuff he didn't want to clean under the sink at work. I decided to wash it a little at a time until I was done with it and then put it in a box for Gary to take home. Or just throw away as the case may be. I'm almost done with it all. I'll probably finish it on Thursday (I have to wash up my stuff about every other day.)

Now it seems that I will have to go to my workplace and do an audit with my manager on the 28th, when we're closed. It'll only take about 45 minutes but still.

The sub woofer for my soundbar is no longer being seen by the soundbar. It's a wireless one so if that part of it quit then it's done. I got it from woot.com a few years ago (at least) and it was remanufactured. The next one I'll get will be a wired one for certain.

I went by the house of bread on my way home and they were out of the green chile and cheese bread they make three times a week! Maybe I'll stop by Friday and try one more time.

I got a notice of a registered letter notice on my door today. I'll wait until Saturday morning to get it. I'll get there at 8:30 and they open at 9. Just me and my book!

I was raining lightly on my ride in this morning. The covers I got for my shoes kept my feets fairly dry. My hands/arms/upper body/ and legs stayed warm and dry. My butt got wet though. I think gortex is an application on the fabric and has rubbed off on my seat. It's a bummer though.

I need to plan my avocado purchases better. I will only use one more this week and I have three in varying stages of ripeness. Mostly on the edge of being too ripe which is bad for avocados. I think I can use up one in what passes for dinner tonight.

I think I will wait until Monday and then call to see if that bread place is open or not. They make the geen chile/cheese bread on Mondays and I'll be able to get over there before noon. In fact I might go to Rudy's and get a quart of the stew then get the bread.

Lunch a burrito with the green chile salsa I make

Well it was a short day at work. My manager called after I had lunch and told me what else I needed to send him for our audit. And then he asked me about Wednesday and I replied "if I don't have to come in I'd rather not." and so just like that we'll do it on the 3rd when my little holiday vacation is over.

Sooooo, what shall I do? I emailed the person who replied to my gripe post on CL. In our exchange we set up to get together and jam on Sunday. Anyways I emailed her saying I just realized Sunday was christmas and giving her the opportunity to reschedule. But I haven't gotten a reply as yet...

Well the person who I thought was going to jam with me backed out. :(

In other news I thought about maxing out my Mac's ram. It can take 2 gigs but can only see 1.5 gigs (OS-X can see 2 gigs.) So two sticks of 512 and two of 265 will cost me $62. Jeeze if it had been that cheap when I bought the Mac I would have maxed it long ago. My Mac does have something wrong with it. I get a toolbox error when it boots. I was thinking of taking it somewhere but it's really not bothering me.

I went to Smiths for some bourbon and while I waiting in line to check out they announced that they were closing in 20 minutes. They were turning people away as I left. Whew I guess I got there just in time, when I got home it was 19:00. There's no liquor sales on xmas!

Well today has been a mellow day. Watched a bunch of episodes of Batman the Brave and Bold. Encoded a bunch of Cds on my Mac. I'm almost finished with that project. Then I played Diablo II for a while. I have this idea to search for open Diablo II servers because Blizzard's won't let me on.

And so far my plan for tomorrow os do a bike ride early. If I can start riding at 5am then I'll be back home by 6:30. I can then at 7 go to Sprouts and see if they're open, if so then get garlic. I'm making more hummus and don't have any garlic. I'm going to mince the hell out of it in my 4 cup food processor instead of roasting it this time. I have 3.5 cups of beans cooking in my 6 cup crock pot, started them at 17:30. They'll be done in the morning.

Then, at 10:00, I want to go to Rudy's and get some of their green chile stew and then to House of Bread for their green chile and cheese bread. If they still make it!

Then sometime need to shop for a small cooler. Or something. Maybe I can just use a bag to send my brother off with hummus for his wife and some of my green chile salsa for him. I just texted my brother to see if he has a small cooler he could bring. Alright,he does! I'm making ice right now to fill the cooler with so what I make and freeze will stay frozen for his trip home.

Boy oh boy have I been busy this morning. I rode my bike 12 miles. I think I'll build up to twenty miles as during my work week I only do ten miles each way I'm not accustomed to doing a lot more than that. After I got to a point in my hummus making that I could stop for a bit I rode to Rudy's for some stew and then to house of bread and back home. So my day's cycling total was 18.44 miles. Only a mile less than my standard weekday!

Bryan and his kids came over around, what? Threeish? and we hung out until 20:30.

Bryan and his kids came over at 9. I was still putting about. They went on ahead to the park and I followed about 10 minutes later. After the park we went to my place for a few then onto Explora for the kids.

Now it's nap time for his boys. Later we went to the River of Lights tour thingy and after that we got an (ok) pizza at Dions. We watched Dragon Hunters after that and Declan seemed to really enjoy it.

I rode over to their hotel for breakfast and then back to my apartment.  I made a hummus wrap for my brother's boys for their trip homeward, seeing how his youngest didn't eat his breakfast.

They've been on their way home for an hour now and Buddy is still hiding in the bedroom. Correction!

Err, he's still under the covers I folded over him

Buddy came out to check the apartment at 14:00. Then he went back into the bedroom and started mowing for me. I dealt with it for a little until I just hollared at him to "hush".

I'm the only person here now. The kids are long gone and won't be back soon so there's no reason for him to hide in the bedroom. He'll get over it in a couple days.

I need to do some good rides for the rest of the week. Maybe I'll visit my work and see what I have in my HW email. Oh shit! I forgot the training I was supposed to have done! That's what I can do tomorrow.

I've been told of an issue in getting to my blog and I think I might have it licked. I deleted the two pages (index and the redirecting page) and then uploaded them again. For my index.html I think the server might have been caching an older version. Same with the redirecting page.

I got up at my regular weekday time and started cycling to my job at 5:10.

I spent a little over an hour doing the training classes and awaiting the email responses that I'd completed them. Then I went up to the shipping dept. to get some supplies that had come in. On my way home I detoured from the North Diversion Channel trail onto the Paseo del Nordeste trail and rode that one up to Washington and then back to the NDC trail. 21.28 miles for today.

When I got home I saw this.

This is the worst mess he's made so far.

My brother brought down a mandolin my sisters had gotten for me. The plastic on the pickguard was the most difficult to remove, EVAR! I ended up scratching it and now I have to get super fine sandpaper to fix that.

So my detour onto the Paseo del Nordeste trail is something I think I'll do every day on my trip homeward. But I'll ride all the way up to San Mateo. Hmm, or I could cross San Mateo and cross San Pedro to start my way back home on Alta Monte rd. I might try that on Tuesday just to see what kind of mileage I get. It'll be funner when the weather warms.

I seem to remember that my Neuros Audio Computer will play flac files. Maybe, maybe not. Well I found the charger for it and it's all charged up. Then with some googling I found a couple applications for syncing its database. Now I run Debian and it installs standard with all sorts of stuff, like Python. One of the applications I DLed is written in Python (the other is java, who the hell uses java anymore?!) and I got it to install. I typed the command and it seems like it'll work. Now I just need to find a usb cable for the Neuros.

I'm all set to make some coffee tomorrow. I generally don't drink coffee on my weekends and sometimes (usually) not much on my vacation.


Ah, yes!

The hardware store didn't have wet/dry sandpaper above 1500 grit so it didn't do the job I expected. But I knew it wouldn't, I need at least 2000 grit. On Amazon I found a pack of wet/dry sandpaper from 400 to 3000 grit. I'll order that on Friday and try to get the pickguard to look better than a crappy black colour.

For some reason Buddy's fancy cat litter didn't complete its cycle. I mean it thought it did but there was water standing in the bowl. I set it through another cycle and it finished with dry litter like it's supposed to do. I need to buy more supplies for it but I have some breathing room on that.

Years ago when I was a Mac person I ran an application called Shrinkwrap. It was free for indvidual use and man(!) did I use it. It allowed you to make disk images and save them wherever you wanted. I put them on Zip disks and then later on DVDRAM media. I made disk images of a bunch of stuff (this was way before Toast could mount disk images) and I made it a handy application to have indeed.

But it couldn't mount an iso image. I had to use Toast to do that. I guess if the file type isn't Shrinkwrap it won't do the job. But I know whenever I find my dvdram disks there's a ton of disk images all in Shrinkwraps file type. I'll probably have my Mac's ram maxed out by then so I can mount all those disk images in ram.

Also I'm thinking it'll be less costly to buy a mac like mine off eBay than to have mine fixed. :-( Do a look up for a G4 450mHz tower and see yourself. $100 to $150 tops. I remember that I bought my Mac for $2475 way back in 1997? 1998? But hey, if I hadn't left in storage for so long it might not have developed this problem.
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