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Dear internetMy first blog post

Well well my netbook isn't dead after all. I guess the usb ports are just flaky and I wasn't able to get a good enough connection. Or perhaps it knew I was looking to replace it and decided to straighten up and fly right! I still might replace it but now I'm in less of a hurry.
The one I found is a much more capable machine and has much better battery life. It's also only a little bigger at 11.6 inches

So back on Monday night I got Debian Linux installed on my netbook (same distro and version as my computer). It ended up with a footprint of 2.7gb (16gb on my computer)! Now I have a ton of room on the hard drive when the last system kept bugging me it was nearly full.

I had backed up the netbook to a dvd and then threw it away too soon. Thankfully I had a back up on my flashdrive. What it didn't have I can pull down from my site. I still need to find a good ftp application.

Today is the two week anniversary of when I dropped off my bike to get the back wheel fixed. To me that's about a week too long. If they don't call me today or tomorrow I'll go down there Saturday and take it to another shop and see if they take even half as long!

There are some wooden planked bridges on the trial between Montgomery and Osuna. Going over them (especially at the speed I did) probably loosened my spokes and caused the failure of my back wheel. I go by there pretty early so I may detour to the road that runs parallel and then go over them slowly on my way home.

So I was waiting for the bus homeward and thought to check my coinage. One of the quarters I picked up this morning is actually a nickel. Well the bus was late at that point so I went back into work and grabbed two dimes then started to march out back to the other bus stop. A guy who works there stopped and asked me where my bike was. I told him the very short version and he gave me a ride home. Too cool. He lives way over on the west side so where I live is definitely out of his way.

Well this is potentially bad news. The Bike Coops web site is down, not suspended but down. Or gone as though it was never there. I tried calling them at 9:40 today and it just rang and rang. Of course they may not have voice mail and I'll have to call when they're open (I think they open at 10).

Ok, I called them and it's been ready for a while. They must have missdialed my phone number. That makes me kind of upset, that they weren't certain of my number and so it's just been sitting there when I could have  been riding it. Plus I don't think I wrote it that sloppily.

We've been getting some rain today, I hope it's not raining when I go to pick up my bike.

Yay, it didn't rain on my walk to the bike shop. So the bill was only $14 and my back tire was flat. I sat around the corner and just put a new tube in. I also got my new riding gloves in and they are well padded. They should last me a whole season of riding. But I won't be wearing them much as the weather cools down.

My netbook starts up and shuts down faster running Debian. Plus what I really like is the system doesn't act like the one I had before or AntiX that I tried before installing Debian. In that I can click on a file and it doesn't act like a double click.

I went through my phone records and when I called the bike shop on the 27th and got that speech my bike was already repaired and ready. That kind of bugs me so next time I need my bike worked on I'll take it to a different place. There looks to be a bike shop opening near me on Lomas.

In other news I made a small pouch to keep a spare inner tube in. So's it doesn't get damaged from just being in the bike's seat bag. Made it from a jean remnant I kept from making jorts.

I guess my electricity had gone out for a bit last night and I had to boot up my computer. I thought it was really quiet in my living room. Also the microwave needed its time reset.

It seems I can't log in to my host's website for some reason. They don't have a forgotten
password feature (I don't forget passwords!) Ok, I just tried to log in and it let me in! I guess they had a small issue going on the other day.

Tomorrow it ends. I mean the near constant barrage of the presidential campaign. At least for the next 3 years anyways.

Yay! I cycled into work today and I only forgot my belt and sweater. These slacks are feeling kind of loose.

Despite my two week's absence on the trails there were no bums at all. It's about 40F outside so that may have helped. I wore my goretex today and I don't really have to wear much more than that to stay warm. I should be able to ride all winter. Today after the Montgomery underpass I went off the bike trail onto Chapel road. That let me avoid several of the wooden bridges. Traffic will be a bit too heavy this afternoon so I'll stay on the bike trail. It just sucks having to slow for those bridges. I'll have to find out if there's a plan to revamp them.

Brrr! I miss my sweater.

Well I remembered like 98% of what I need to bring to work. Actually it was something I don't need for work but my afternoon ride home: shorts. But at least I remembered my sweater.

When you boot Linux up the boot loader usually has a timer so that you might choose another OS to boot. My computers only have Linux on them and so I disabled that on my netbook. It's not such a big deal on my desktop at home since I seldom reboot it.

Man, I got a flat after I passed some city workers on the trail. I guess in their work they must have tracked some goatheads on the trail. So I patched it but not well and had to pull over again and do it right. Then I realized I left my valve cap at the first place I stopped. My new bike pump works wonderfully! Well worth the price of admission.

Anyways it got up to 65F and at that temperature I didn't need my shorts. I just wore my gortex bottoms and that was alright. I stopped a third time right before the Embudo trail bridge to dig out the goretex jacket and my new gloves as it was getting a bit chill with the sun going down.

I don't like to talk politics but: WHAT DID WE DO?!

Ok, with that out of the way today it seems I forgot my shirt and tie. Good thing the shirt I wore on my ride is acceptable under a sweater. Today I remembered to bring shorts, for if it's warm enough.

I'll keep a lookout for my valve cap on the way home. Why the big deal about it? It's metal not plastic therefore just a little more precious to me, I'm just tired of plastic caps splitting.

The desktop environment I'm running on my netbook is Mate, a Gnome 2 fork that's been in development separately since. Cinnamon is a Gnome 3 fork and in their latest version have dropped a feature I like. The preview custom icon. I like seeing my movies with their own custom icon. It has slowly taken all of them away. So I'll put Mate on my next computer and my media computer when I redo that one.

At lunch I discovered my back tire was flat. So I pulled it apart and found... nothing. It was flat again when I was ready to leave. And then flat again before I got out of the parking lot. So I swapped it out with a new tube and rode home. I'll put in a bucket of water and find that damn leak this weekend.

Oh! I found my valve cap. It wasn't real shiny so it was probably overlooked all day.

Last night while I was petting Buddy he swatted my face with his claws out. He knows my skin is sensitive to his claws and I've not made that a secret. So I immediately showed him he was in error if he thought I liked that at all. Ya gotta let them know right away when they fuck up.

I posted my Tommaso and Easton handlebars, and the stem that came with my bike on craigslist (CL) and got a text today asking about the measurements I posted. I met this guy after work and he ended up buying my stem and the Easton handlebars. He'll have to get another stem for the handlebars but the stem is nicer than his current one he told me. I wasn't asking much for anything, just $20 for the handlebars and $5 for the stem. So anyways $25 for me.

After I got home I edited that ad to remove the stem and Easton handlebars.

Buddy and I are friends again. Boy he's a silly cat.

Today I am alone at work so no mail runs! There's no mail today anyways.

I had lunch at my desk so I would be able to help anyone who came to our window. I had one person come by for a colour scan so my quiet lunch was provided some work. I will leave at 15:00 today. Fridays are really slow usually and not many customers come by after lunch.

I'd like to go to REI tomorrow and get the 26 liter Osprey Radial pack. But I've already made some expensive purchases so I think I'm going to hold off for a while.

The main one is the complete UK release of the Tick. Because of copyright laws the US release doesn't have all the episodes and the third season was never released here. The UK release has all the episodes and season 3! But grabbing the whole collection was pricey. And then I went to Jubilation Spirits...

Pernod Absinthe and a new bourbon for me

Anyways I'll see how I'm doing next week. If I'm doing ok and have all the food I need (vegetables are cheap!) then I'll get that pack then.

It's a lazy Saturday for me and Buddy. After I get the KUNM recording going I'll get my laundry done.

So I think it's a bit soon but I've been looking at bikes online. I might be getting another Tomasso some day. It being a smaller brand than say, Cannondale or Specialized, have better prices and group sets. Last night I sent them a question about one of their carbon frame models.

Wow, tonight I might be done encoding dvds. At least the ones I have at my apartment. In my storage (man I've got to get rid of that) there's a bunch of Monty Python dvds. So other than the dvds my system can't read well I'm done.

Of course I have a few more coming to me (rounding out my Batman collection) but they won't take long to do.

Did you see the Super Moon this morning?

Used night mode on my camera and zoomed a little

Man did I have a load to bring in today. A new bottle of shampoo and conditioner, 2 bottles of water, shorts/tshirt for if it's warm enough after work, toasted bagels and a hummus wrap, a book I'm going to read next, my netbook and the book I'm currently reading, an undershirt, tie, and my dress shirt, and lastly my slacks. I don't think I've ever had it that full.

There was a bum in the Embudo underpass. I told him "hey hey no camping" as I went by.

I need to get some silver thread. I got a Beatles patch and ironed it on my dark grey hoodie. But I also want to sew it just to be sure.

I'm working on a series of photos about the bridges I have to cross on my way home.

This morning right before I got to the Carlisle underpass an SUV (SOB?) went by on a one way road going the wrong way. Plus there was a bum sleeping in the underpass. If they're there tomorrow I'll call it in.

After I got inside this morning right after I unlocked our door a bolt fell from my bike. It's a bolt that holds on on of my pedal arms. And here I am without a #6 alan wrench to put it back on. I don't think I'll have any issues riding home.

I got home just fine and when I got my alan wrenches I realized the bolt that fell off didn't go where I thought. I couldn't find where it went at all! So now if my bike fails me sometime I can blame that darn screw!

Wooo! The ride in this morning was aided by a slight tail wind. I was able to maintain 20mph for my whole trip until I turned onto the Balloon fiesta park.

Then around lunch time the wind started to blow real hard. I wasn't looking forward to riding through that. But by the time I left it had calmed down a good bit. Was blowing real strong out of the West but seemed to help me as in the morning when I turned south on the trail. Got home in 40 minutes.

So when I'm riding I look at my tire the think "I should hit that with some rubber restorer" and then forget it when I'm at work until I go home and once again look at it and think. Today I had the accompanying thought that I could bring a can of that stuff home.

Well the wind this morning was back to its unhelpful manner: a slight headwind. Not enough to slow me down but for some reason I just couldn't go faster than 16mph. Made it to my desk in 40minutes, not bad but not great.

Oh bummer! The pack I wanted to get is out of stock at the REI in town.  I was able to order it off their site but I wanted to actually pick it up tomorrow.

Oh well. I guess I'll be happy with a trip to Rudy's BBQ and then to a place called the House of Bread for a green chile and cheese loaf. My 20 liter pack should be big enough for that jaunt.  Luckily both are open early, Rudy's at 7am and the bread place at 8am. So if I go to Rudy's at 7:30 then by the time I get around to House of Bread should be just after 8.

Alright, there was almost no wind at all for my ride home. Managed 18mph for most of my run to the end of the Embudo trail.  Spent 45 minutes getting home. It always takes me longer to get home, why is that?

I got to Rudy's at 7:30 and they didn't yet have any stew. It's something that they have later in the morning. But that's like, the only thing I get there (I'm just not much into bbq). Which, as I think of it, might have been best.

Right now I don't have a thermos big enough for a quart. I think I'll just wait until I have a thermos big enough then make a mid-morning jaunt. I found a larger thermos on Amazon (of course) that's 48 ounces. Plenty big enough. I could take that one and my 24 ounce and get two quarts of stew!

I paid a visit to the True value hardware store and they had a 24 ounce for the same price as that 48 ounce.

Oops, I left the charger for my netbook at work and it's almost out of juice.

Last night as I was trying to upload my new page my netbook promptly shutdown. It's kind of funny how it'll show 15 minutes of charge and then suddenly 0 minutes.

It had rained sometime this morning and on my ride to work and there were a lot of puddles. It rained a little bit but it was only lightly sprinkling.

Why do I dislike windoze? Out of nowhere my work computer just wouldn't do anything. I never get this on my Linux computers. And don't get me started on that pile of steaming shit that is Office360. I might get an application that crashes but it doesn't ever keep me from completing a project. Last night my id3 tagging application crashed. I just opened it back up and kept on tagging my files.

I should receive my new pack today. Just in time as I pulled out my last pack of tortillas last night. Now 20 tortillas will last me a about a month. So I have some breathing room.

Alright! My pack was indeed delivered yesterday. I got the black one. I'm thinking of getting some reflective strips to put on it.

Today is my first run with it, filled it up pretty good too. I'm very happy that it is big enough at a minimum size (26 liters). I had three lights to put on it and this morning I found one of them was dead. Probably the batteries, I'll open it up at home and replace them.

Tomorrow I'll use my big pack and detour on my route homeward to that bread store and on Saturday I'll take my new pack to sams club and load up on tortillas! I can probably get like, 6 packs.

I only had enough cream cheese for one of my 1.5 bagels this morning. Oh well at least now I have none at work to take home. The facility is having some electrical work done this weekend, so we have to empty our fridge. I have some spaghetti sauce to take home and that's all I have left in our little fridge.

I stopped on my way home right after the Carlisle underpass to call the cops on a bum making the trail their camping spot. Goddammit if you're not moving you can't be on the trail! Anyways it added an easy 10 minutes to my travel time.

Now I'm making sure I have everything I need in my 34 liter pack. Before I leave work tomorrow I'll google map my route one last time.

It was 37F this morning and I knew a few degrees cooler out near my job so I wore my lobster claw gloves. I got them years ago when I was a young 20 something. Still in good shape and still keep my hands toasty warm! Of course it'll be near 50F something this afternoon or warmer so I brought my other gloves that are good down to 40F.

I have to remember to bring my netbook's charger home today.

Ok! I remembered everything I needed to bring home. I stopped by the House of Bread store and they were sold out of the green chile/cheese bread. But they make it three times a week so I'll get over there on Friday a little after 10am and get a loaf.

I got a piece of mail for an unsolicited loan, spam IRF! I've written "unsubscribe" on the envelope and on the form letter inside. I'm going to drop it off at their office on Friday.

Well it's thanksgiving and I've decided to not buy into the whole turkey hype. Don't get me started on that Black Friday crap. I'll just make an actual dinner but early since I'm skipping my usual lunch. It'll be a nice change.

I even have enough potatoes for mashed taters but I don't have any plain yogurt so I'll have to make them with milk/butter instead. Plus gravy from a packet (yes, I know gravy is easy to make, just-like-tortillas). Well I happily did not screw up the mashed taters. It's been a long time since I've made them and longer still that I've used milk/butter instead of yogurt. After dinner I treated myself to a bowl of double fudge and brownie ice cream. Buddy did not make any of his begging sounds, thankfully.

Well count me disappointed in that bread store. I dropped off the IRL spam I got then pedaled my way to the House of Bread arriving at 10:11 or 12. I greeted the guy I spoke to on Wednesday and then noticed that there wasn't any green chile/cheese bread out. So I took a seat to wait for a bit. After 10 minutes had gone by and it didn't seem as though more bread was going to be put out I left. I didn't bring a lock for my bike or a book so my patience of simply waiting was low. At 10:22 I pushed in my chair and left. Now, why would I be told to come by at 10 if the bread I was asking about still wouldn't be out by then?

I went to Sprouts and got all I needed to make hummus, and bacon.

Let it be known that at 19:47 tonight, I defeated the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Qwest.

I got up shamefully late and made hummus. Or rather I started to when I ran out of olive oil. I did make tahini and then one batch of hummus before I ran out. So I went to Sprouts after I finished my first batch. Then I made the other two.

Two cups of chickpeas cooks up to six cups. My recipe is for 2 cups so... triple batch! TIL two cups sesame seeds cook down to barely 1.5 cups. Next time I'll cook up 3 cups of sesame seeds.I found a web site where I can order organic unhulled sesame seeds in bulk. A 25lbs. sack will cost me $87.25. They also have chickpeas . A 25lbs sack of that is $67.25. Also organic. Who knows when I'll be able to order them but it'll be nice to have a bulk quantity on hand.

So my region 0 dvds of the Tick has episodes split in twain. There'll be a 7.xx minutes file and then another file of the remaining portion of the episode. I'm happy to say that I've not had an issue in "sewing" them together into one file. Currently on disk 1 of 2 from season 2. Tomorrow I'll encode season 3.

While I'm encoding the Tick I also have the Gotham City Serials of Batman and Robin (1949!) encoding. I'm using this other application that takes like, a day for one short episode. But it sees all the files on a dvd while Handbrake does not. Handbrake only saw 10 of the 15 episodes.

My plan for tomorrow is to wake up early and be there by 5am. That'll give me the time I need to clean up from my ride and be presentable. Then at 6am I'll go around and plug in and boot all my machines.

We had a facility shut down this weekend. When it's electrical work they're doing I feel better if all my machines are off. You know, a just in case strategy.

Well I didn't do much today. Very mundane stuff is about all I did. All I have to do tonight is get my coffee ready and make a hummus wrap. Gotta dice up an onion!

I found a recipe for making brownies with quinoa instead of flour. I went to Smiths and they had a Pyrex 8x8 glass bakeware for cheaper than an aluminum one. Also hecho en Estado Unidos too!

Tonight I have to prepare the taters for my burritos. I'm also going to make that quinoa brownie recipe I found so I'm not sure if I'll have time for make a burrito. Eh, I need to use up the spinach and lettuce so another wrap won't bother me. Maybe I can use up the rests of my green olives in it.

Brrrr, was it a cold ride home. There was a good WSW wind doing its squirrelly thing it does here. Nice of it to give me boost when I turned east onto the embudo trail and up Cutler to Washington. Now I'm thankfully in my apartment, nice and warm. I'll have to remember to put the clothes I wear after I get home in the living room. My bedroom is too cold to go in unclothed.

35F this morning, brrr! I'll be happy when my insulated shoe covers come in. I feel like I should have taken an allergy pill this morning.

Last night I made the quinoa (pronounced: keen wa) brownies and I've given three of them away. Mark in facilities was one and he came back this morning and told me it was good. I'm saving mine for after lunch. I managed to make a whole heaping pile of taters too. But didn't have time to make a burrito. Eh, Wednesday and Friday then for this week.

I forgot to bring my work phone to work! I receive my Xerox email on it and my tickets go to that email. Luckily I forgot to take my flash drive home yesterday so I was able to login and change the receiving email. Which required me to change the password! I keep a copy of my passwords on it. Also another copy exists on my netbook.

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