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Dear internetMy first blog post

What a quiet week off since I didn't jam with Isaac even once during it. I mean, if he doesn't wish to come to my apartment only because he can't get that drunk and drive home then I don't want to always go to his place since walking a half mile to the bus stop drunk wouldn't be pleasurable to me. I have to hold back at his place so shouldn't he hold back at my place? Well it seems fair to me. I'll see if he texts me to jam next weekend and see what's up. Maybe I'll text him.

My beans finished yesterday afternoon and boy oh boy are they good! I think the recipe is on my site and I swear that slow cooking them for three days is the best way. Call me crazy for spending that long cooking them but they're tasty as f*ck! Even when I make stew one evening is spent making the broth then the next in actually making the stew. Doing made from scratch and home made (hecho en casa) takes time. Time well spent to me!

I managed to iron my shirts and make lunches for the big 3 day work week. Now I can goof off and do whatever I want until bedtime.

Soon will end the tyranny of the crappy HP I got. A guy from CL had a Dell GX280 mini-tower for $80. I've had good experiences with Dells and Linux. Of course it takes different ram than my last Dell and the HP and the Sony. So I ordered 3gb from Crucial. I found a good video card for it too but I need to transfer funds to my checking before I buy it. I got a keyboard/mouse and monitor with it so now that I have those I can set up or diagnose computers. In a bit of evil compulsion I hooked up the mouse I got (Microsoft) to my Macintosh.

So I've been thinking of getting a wireless mouse for my Mac and Kensington makes them! I don't expect to get drivers for OS9 though. Maybe it'll work on the old software? I'll have to visit Kensington's web site to be certain.

Oh! It does snow in Albuquerque. See!

Of course it only stays around in the shadow on the north side of buildings

First I knew it had snowed was when I left at 11:10 to go to the ATM today. Probably be gone in a couple more days.

Well it's back to work today and at least I can get back on schedule easily. I woke up almost an hour and a half before my alarm. After trying to snooze that time away I got up 30 minutes early. Wow, it's nice to have so long to get ready  but I'd rather not get up so early! I get up now at 4:30 to catch my 5:50 bus. 3 am is simply too early!

There's a new tie knot I want to try but I need to type the directions better, I think I missed a step.

Yesterday morning I texted Isaac and put forth that we misunderstood each other with an apology. I suggested that we alternate hosting. He replied today basically telling me it's his place or not at all. He has a car so travel is not the chore it is for me (like 10-15 minutes for him, 40 minutes for me). So I guess it's not at all then. Not like I'm not used to playing with myself!

Tomorrow afternoon I need to cook up some lunches for work. Today I need to get to Tully's and then Jubilation.

So I'm getting into the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Here they are playing an old standard!

I've finally washed all the bed sheets that have been sitting in the hamper for what? A year?! Around that. They are mostly the bigger size sheets from my old mattress so I have no need right now for them but it's good to get it all washed. Now I can use the hamper instead of the floor for dirty clothes!

I went to the store and got a couple tomatoes and a couple red onions. Also three habeñeros to give my stew some kick! Tully's was out of pork rolls. Maye next week.

Some people say you should throw away old beans but really you just need to soak them
for a day. It'll add half day or a day then everything will cook the same. Who cares about that!

Today I made another green chile stew. Actually yesterday I made chicken broth for the stew but today I strained the broth, shredded the chicken, diced an onion, tomato, and the three

I pureed the green chile!

I only had two potatoes so I cut them into somewhat big pieces and I'll be careful how many get into a bowl so that they last. I also quartered some mushrooms for it.

It's yummy!

I'll add a little rice to each bowl rather than dump it into the stew as I've done before.

My water filter bucket window has a small leak! It seems the inner window didn't do its job and so theres water between them. So I'll need to draw off the water again and redo the window. But that will wait until next weekend.

I seem almost unable to save any money. Luckily a customer we (I) donate printing for gifted me a $40 gift card to Sprouts market. So at least I can get more potatoes, coffee and such this week.

Tonight I'm enjoying another Bourbon that's new to me.

Mellow but the flavour doesn't blossom like Elmer's

It's pretty tasty but not as good as Elmer T. Lee or the W.L Weller Antique either of which I might pick up next time.

So no jamming this weekend and I didn't have the gumption to record anything. But when I do I'm going to try exporting each channel as a separate wav file. Then I'll mix it on my computer with Audacity. Audacity also has some effects it can apply so I'll get that reverb on my vocals that I want!

This morning I slept in for 10 minutes. That set my morning routine off as I wanted to finish my cup o' Joe rather then dump it out. So I caught the second bus which doesn't take me all the way to work and waited for the next 140. I got on the 251 by mistake! So I took the 251 to the train station and then got on the other 251 back to Jefferson to catch the 140. I was a half hour late to work. But I can make up a half hour easy.

I renewed the CL ad for my 4x12 cabinet and so far I haven't gotten any emails or texts for it.

Hmm, next stew I'm going to add 4

Well I managed to iron my shirts and prepared two burritos last night! In other news I didn't realize I needed more coffee until I went to prepare it for the morning. By then it was later than I care to leave my apartment but since I don't have to iron or cook anything tonight I'll go to the stores.

I volunteered to stay
at work an extra hour and comp it the next day. Now I'm staying later than that because one of the Arizona sites can't get anybody to work late!! So far it looks like I'm getting off two hours early tomorrow.

Man that file they sent over is fucked! It has a bunch of different sizes, most on non-standard size paper!

Friday I received the video card for the Dell which has a pci-e port. My first pci-e video card! I got an Nvidia 8400GS and it has a gig of ram! So it's the beefiest video card I've ever gotten too.

Anyways, I installed it and the ram I ordered for it on Saturday then Sunday I installed the 3TB drive, moved it to it's new place by the couch thing and started the Linux install. First off the disk partitioner saw the whole 3TB and I created two partitions; one of 500GB for my home directory and the other of 2.5TB for movies.

I also learned how to transfer all
my home directory files from the crappy HP to the Dell. Took about half the day mostly because of the movies I had ripped to my home dir. I moved those to the new movies partition freeing up most of the dick space.

So far I've found two issues; the email client is locked, and it mounts usb devices under root so that I can't eject them as the user. Not sure what to do but I'll keep trying, it can't stay like it is now.

Oh, about my 1/10/13 post; I worked until 23:00 so the next day I came in two hours late and stayed for two and a half hours. My weekend started at 12:30 Friday!

Today a customer I greet when I see them around the site told me a little bird told them I was a musician. I told him I played guitar primarily and that I also play mandolin. He and a buddy are putting together a Country band. He told me there are some songs that an acoustic 12 string would be preferred. And I have one. I should tell him I don't have a car.

Man, that late night last week sure messed up my schedule.

Tonight a guy should be over to check out my 4x12. Maybe I'll finally get rid of it; clear up some room!

Turns out not all my files transferred! My songs files folder didn't and perhaps a few invisible settings files too. So after I get rid of the 4x12 I'll set up the HP and copy what I need. Then in a week or so if I don't need anything else I'll format that hard drive and use it a my new musica disk.

So that guy who was going to check out (at least!) my 4x12 flaked on me and I've not heard from him at all. But I did get a spam text!

From: 13478263189
To: me (number removed)
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 20:05:50 -0600

Hi my name is Anita i told my dad about your guitar as such kindly text him your final price ...
text him on (585) 270-0856 his name David. tnx

This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T
If she was really talking to him couldn't she have sent him the link? Also neither her's (NY, NY) nor his (NY state) area code is for New Mexico. And I'm selling a guitar cabinet not a guitar!

I'm about to strip that cabinet of anything useful then throw it away. It's either taking up too much room in my living room or bedroom!

I renewed the ad for my 4x12 Saturday night and on Sunday I got a text asking about it. Too bad it was a spammer! Reproduced verbatim for your enjoyment.

To: me (number removed)

hi, is the
Hartke 4x12 slant guitar cabinet - $120 still up for sale? hope its in
a good condition?

From: me

To: 18323245976

Yup, I still have it. As the pics show its missing the brand emblem on the speaker
cloth. Some marks and a few small tears in the tolex. But still nice
and solid! If you'd like to check it out I should be home most of today
and tomorrow.

From: 18323245976

To: me

cool, i can have the money transfer into your bank account through western union money
transfer so that i can be sure its mine. If this is cool with you pls
get bank to me with your bank name, bank account number, routine number
and your name as it appears on your bank account. the funds should
clear in 2 to 5 working days.where do I pick it up

To: 18323245976

From: me

1: Cash Only!

2: Local sale

Are you local?
Your area code says you aren't although it's possible you are. What are your cross streets?
The bit about cash and local sale only is even on my ad! I never did hear back from them so I'm certain they weren't local. Effing spammers!

I'm taking so long to update because of computer problems. I downloaded the latest network install disk for Debian and it's doing "funny" things. It's mounting all my usb drives and devices under root privileges so as user I cannot unmount them or write to them. So I searched for other distros I might like to try and I found two of them. But my system wouldn't burn the disk images to disc! So I brought media to work and downloaded/burned them just fine.

On 1/18 I mentioned some guy flaked on coming over to check out the 4x12. Well he texted me around 18:00 last night; wanted to come by at 21:30! Dude, I'm asleep by then I texted back. that and I like my neighbours more than to let someone play electric guitar that late. So he should be over today before or by 20:00. This morning at 5:30 I texted him asking at what time he might be by because I need to go to Smith's. It's now 15:40 and I haven't heard back. I'm just going to go about my business and if he shows or not won't be my concern.

So because the buses were on a Saturday schedule Monday I had a three day weekend. I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I could have hoped it could be. I did laundry Saturday morning and just left it in the basket. It was enough just to get it washed. On Sunday I went to Jubilation and got another bourbon to try.

Not bad, not bad at all! But I like the Elmer T. Lee better.

I have to do a lot of cooking tonight since I did nothing at all on my weekend. I'll also probably be able to install one of the distros I downloaded too. Hopefully the issue with usb drives won't repeat. If so I'll see how I like it compared to Debian.

I got a text on Friday about my 4x12 cab and the guy actually showed up! I had updated my ad with a Google map so people could see where I was. I told him that I would be home at 17:10 and he texted me at 17:10 to say he was there! I met him and a friend of his outside and after they parked we went to my apartment. They went back out to his car to get his guitar and amp head. He ended up buying it for my asking price! About time too! Darn thing took up too much room. Oh, he has a 915 area code to boot!

I tried to install OpenSuse Linux yesterday but it wanted to change my partitions on my home and movie disk. I don't want to mess with those because it will wipe out the data on them. I don't want to re-rip all those movies and I still have more to rip! Since OpenSuse won't see my data I didn't install it. Perhaps tonight I'll try that SolusOS Linux. If that one doesn't work I suppose I might go back to Redhat (Fedora). It's been a while since I ran Fedora or any Redhat derivative.

Saturday I went up to Eubank and Central to get a sound card a guy posted in CL. Then I stopped in a Twisters for a #4 with green Chile, been a while since I've had one. I munched it as I walked back to Lomas. I stopped by Best Buy but they weren't open as yet so I went back home. When I was getting ready to head back out I saw that my pedometer's battery needed to be changed. It lasted almost seven months so I'll have to get some more batteries by June!

Gah, I'm being silly. Of course I can upload the new files for my site at home. I just can't update the files as yet. I have either been busy or lazy (last night) to try and install a different distro. I figure I can back-up my email and a couple small folders then just restore from my home dir on the HP. That way I could let OpenSuse format my disks and not worry about it. Definitely a weekend project.

Tonight I need to make a few lunches for the rest of the week. I need to go to the store as well; I'm almost out of coconut oil and coffee!

When I went to cook up some burritos for lunches last night I discovered that the tortillas had some mold on them. Not much; I was able to cut away the small patches and make the burritos. Now I need to go get some more tortillas and then use them faster! Good thing I have all the ingredients I need for burritos on hand.
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