Whooo weeee is it cold in the morning

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Dear internetMy first blog post

For some reason the monitor that came with my computer is going to sleep every five or ten minutes now. It didn't before my vacation but now it's bothersome. I have another monitor the same size that I suppose with which I'll replace it. I downloaded all the documentation for it that I can find and none of them mention powersave in any way.

Well despite not bothering to memorize my new 20 character password at work I already have been able to type it correctly a few times. Only took me most of my day.

Well my cold feels just a tiny bit worse today. I suppose spending 45 minutes in the cold these last two mornings didn't help.

So I'll take the bus to work for the next couple days. I'll have a shorter wait in the cold for the bus.

Well my cold hasn't gotten any worse and might even clear up this weekend.

I stayed late at work today. There is a facility shutdown happening this weekend and so I went around powering off all my printers and unplugging them. Got done at 17:20. Time enough to make sure all was powered off in the print center and then to log out and power off my computer.

Caught the 17:40 bus homeward. Since there aren't any street lights near my work I was waiting in the dark. Wearing my jean jacket and black slacks I knew the bus driver would have a hard time seeing me. So when I saw the bus make the turn towards me I held up and waved my phone making certain the screen was lit. That driver was so happy that I did that and told me of people dressed as I was who expect him to see them (and he doesn't) making a big deal to him about it. But then I don't care to bother people.

But I may start bugging my brother if he doesn't answer my frickin' email!

Well I attempted to change out my bike's chain and only ruined the new one.

I made arrangement with my coworker for me to leave early tomorrow. I'll drop off my bike at the LBS and hope it's ready Saturday. The bus doesn't run on Monday so either I have it off or I ride in.

Today I remembered to take only 30 minutes for lunch and leave at 15:30. Got home and changed into my jeans then rolled my bike over to 2 Wheel Drive, the LBS.

So I fess up and tell the guy at the LBS that I tried to put a new chain on it myself and screwed up. He asked if that was all it needed and I told him I thought as much. He told me that he could take care of it right then. So I read my book for five minutes. I also found a small water bottle (for my seat tube bottle cage.)

So I rode my bike back home. All ready for Monday. Hopefully I can kick this cold soon.

I got a call from my jam buddy wondering where I was. Turns out for some reason my and another person's emails were in his junk folder.

Anyways we're on, for now, for next Saturday at noon. Which leaves me time in the morning to do a run up town a bit to pick up a new chair. It'll be nice having a new, steady chair instead of this wobbly old chair. I'll have to remember to pick up some rope Friday evening.

I started a game of Ocarina or Time (OOT) the weekend I got back from AZ. I like to play a game of OOT every year. Usually during the xmas break but I was elsewhere this year.

I was thinking of getting more apple juice from Sprouts, it comes in a gallon bottle. I was thinking of that because I have several bottles of water that aren't a gallon. They're the 3 liter bottles. Then I had the thought of why did I need more gallon bottles? I can get two or three 5 gallon buckets instead and save a lot more water.

I decided to have a piece of chicken, steamed broccoli, and mashed taters for dinner. Since I don't have any yogurt I'll make the taters the way my Mother did, turns out I was out of butter! So I went to Sprouts, which is not something I want to do on Sunday afternoon, but luck was with me.

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