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Dear internet
My friend and Brother is getting out of jail tomorrow. I've ordered a orange jumpsuit to freaking tease him! It won't arrive till next week so I have to wait until the weekend after to wear it. In other news I don't think the bassist knows he's out of the band yet. Or perhaps he does. The bassist has insulted me and decried my playing ability and choice of music and he can't figure out how to play a major chord on the piano! Ya use the major scale, baby! 1, 3, 5-HA!

Damn, there is some fucked up funny shit online!

I've been helping my friend start a business and while he was away another friend of his (we'll call him Janus) and myself were paying the rent to keep the shop for my friend's return. Well, both my friend and I have had all we can take from this Janus guy. He seems to be a real misanthrope. All I can really say is if Janus is complementing you beware! Anyways you might guess what I think of him by the name I've given him.

I'm finding a few sites that my workplace had blocked are now available. Cool. First it was cracked.com, then imgur.com, and now thestraightdope.com.

My friend has been out for almost a week and a half and we are almost ready to open his store. Just a few more things to do and then have the Fire Marshall inspect the place. Woooo!

I saw Watchmen last night at the dollar theatre. Why do we still call them dollar theatres when it costs 2 dollars? The movie was pretty good. Probably as faithful to the graphic novels as a movie can get. It's nice to see an American movie that isn't horribly afraid of male frontal nudity. I thought that Rorshach wasn't ugly enough but the Comedian was spot on. Miss Jupiter and her daughter also spot on. Osimandias was really close and Night Owl was almost perfect. At 2 hours 43 minutes this one counts as a long movie (in the US at least). I knew it was a long movie when my bony ass told me!

I finally signed up on Facebook. Then end is nigh.

In other news Godaddy's hosting sucks donkey balls. Knowing next to nothing about website hosting I registered two domains and have only one hosted at Godaddy. Everything seemed fine until they 'upgraded' the UI on their site and I tried to get the second hosted. It gets more confusing every time they change it. I've have four browser windows open for no good reason when one or two would have worked. Oh, the way Godaddy has their domain prices configured is bonkers too. How come I can register a .com for 9.99 but a .org is $12? Stupid. I found a different registar and they charge 9.99 each.

Holy cow! Windows is screwy. I have a bunch of portable apps on a flash drive and when I move to another pc they seem to forget their preferences. Wiggy! Why do they install with a hard coded path? If they're meant to be used on any windows pc then a relative path is the way to go. Or doesn't Windows have a way to do relative paths? Crappy software.

In other news the company my friend and I are starting should be ready to open next week. Whew, it's been a long road!

This is my Friday so I am ready for a long weekend. I'm gonna play my guitar, sing and drink! Oh, and waste a bunch of time on the Internet. Work is sooooo boring.
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