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So ya wanna make coffee, eh?

I love my coffee. Like many people I started with a drip coffee maker. It was a Mr. Coffee. Then I got a Braun coffee maker. It made better coffee but not by much. Then I started to hit Starbucks every weekday. That was a 40 dollar a month habit.

Eventually I discovered french presses.

A French Press steeps coffee in hot water (like tea). You will get stronger, more flavourful coffee. I'm going to show you how to make coffee with a French Press and what I use to make mine.

First some items you need.

1. French Pressfrench press
2. Measuring cup. I use a 4 cup pyrex. pyrex cup
3. Kettle or pot (to boil water). You could also just use a pot.
4. A spoon to mix the coffee grounds with the water.spoon
5. Two air-tight containers for coffee bean storage and left over ground coffee.
6. A Caraffe.
If you make more than a cup you will necaraffeed to keep the coffee hot. Keeping it in the French press will make it bitter.

One thing that people have trouble with is how much coffee to use. Remember you will be steeping the coffee so your usual measure will make stronger coffee! So you may want to reduce the amount of coffee you use. But I like strong coffee! Take the paint off your car, it will!

So the first step is to grind up your coffee. Get fresh roasted beans from a local coffee bean roaster if you can. It's o.k. to grind more than you need since you'll keep it in a air-tight container. Just be sure to grind up enough. For a french press you want a medium grind.

Next measure the amount of water to heat up. 1 cup water = 2 cups of coffee (as measured by the coffee maker). So if you want three 8oz. cups of coffee to drink you will boil 3 cups of water and measure out 6 cups worth of ground coffee. When the water comes to a boil I like to pour it into the measureing cup to make certain I have the right amount. This also allows the water to cool down to about 180º degrees Fahrenheit. Add it straight from the stove and you may scorch the coffee.

Have the ground coffee in the French Press before you pour in the water. After the water has been poured into the French Press use a spoon to stir it up (I use a wooden spoon so I don't accidently crack the french press). Stirring makes certain that the grounds are well saturated. Now put the top on the French Press but do not depress the plunger.

Set a timer for 2 to 8 minutes, however you find you like it. I steep my coffee for 6-7 minutes Now go brush your teeth, iron your shirt, make your lunch, read the paper, feed the cat/dog/fish, whatever! Oh, and enjoy!

Time saving tips
You can grind the coffee the night before, it will stay fresh in the air-tight jar. You can also clean out the French Press and measure the water and pour it into the kettle and put kettle on the stove ready for the next day. You probably already do that last part but I'm lazy!
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